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Useful information


  • Regular flights from Paris (CDG on Saturday and ORLY every day) to Pointe a Pitre with Air Caraibes, Air France, Corsair
  • You have to take the boat from Pointe à Pitre ferry terminal (Bergevin) with the Express Islands company: www.express-des-iles.com
  • You can also take a small plane (4 or 6 seats) with private pilot: thank you for contacting us, we can advise you a driver who will organize your transfer from the airport to Pointe a Pitre aergarden. This solution is very comfortable after 9 hours of travel, the journey only for 15 minutes!
  • If you wish to arrive on our magical island the same day, take a flight arriving on Pointe à Pitre before 15:30 to take the last boat from 17:15 arriving on Marie Galante at 18:15
  • We can, with our representative on site, Florence, take care of discounted and reserved boat tickets and a car rental for your stay so that you arrive at the best on the site and so enjoy the ti-punch of Welcome to our villa!


A lot of car rental companies are waiting for you when you leave the boat: it is best to contact our representative, Florence Caquineau on Marie Galante who works with Les Evasions de Jade or Tintin location and will take care of all the logistics.




  • La Playa: on the road to Grand Bourg. You will be welcomed very warmly by Colomba to taste creative and refined Creole cuisine concocted by Jérome. Booking advised 05 90 97 93 66 10
    Do not forget to taste the famous ice-cream from Arletti at the exit of the beach of Le Feuillère in the direction of Capesterre (every day in season from 4.00 pm on weekends): a true delight and a moment of the day unavoidable . You will not be able to do without it!
  • Always behind the church of Capesterre, a glacier with some small tables to taste deliciously decorated cuts or pancakes or waffles: Delices of Lolo. It is open every morning and evening especially during the season.
  • If you are looking for a typical Caribbean restaurant, go to Pomme Cannelle! In the heights of Capesterre, directly in the inhabitant; Marie Christine welcomes you with a wide Marie Galantais smile that makes you feel right at home. Authentic family cooking, with the rhythm of fishing and the terroir. Let yourself be tempted by the homemade punchs accompanied by a bowl of delicious accras! The dishes served with gratin and salads are of great generosity. His “bokits” on Thursdays and especially those with cod are delicious. Do not hesitate to call him to order: 05 90 97 17 08/06 90 48 74 16

Grand Bourg

  • Le Sun7 Beach: restaurant in front of the lagoon of Grand Bourg. Pizzas and pancakes 05 90 88 79 35 only in the evening
  • La Charrette: a pleasant setting and a cuisine of the world with local products 05 90 97 79 78
  • Do not hesitate to consume in small “lolos” that are located on the port of Grand Bourg. Local cuisine at a very modest price! Only in the evening
  • For the past few months, we have been lucky enough to be able to taste real pizzas realized with love: it is on the port of Grand Bourg and it is called Gino Pizza. Better to book because it is quite small: 05 90 97 24 19 You can also take them, so do not hesitate

Saint Louis

  • Aux Plaisirs des Marins: feet in the water. A family kitchen of fishermen. 05 90 97 08 11 attention: come for 12h30, restaurant full!
  • Chez Henri: an institution with a sea view. Creative cuisine based on fish and local meat (beef). Try her “ti-glacé”, Marie Galante rum at 59 ° placed in the freezer and served in the frosted bottle. Booking advised on the evenings of concerts (week end) 05 90 97 04 57
  • L’Eden Voile: A magical restaurant overlooking the lagoon on the way to the honey factory. Grilled fish and other traditional cuisine, including the famous “Bélélé”, a speciality of the Galant region. Booking recommended 06 90 42 14 98


  • Diving center:
    Man’Balaou in Saint Louis 05 90 97 75 24/05 90 97 17 94/06 90 42 97 70: www.manbalaou.com
  • Walks in the Mangrove by canoe or pedal boat: Nautical base CISMAG of Vieux-fort (after Saint Louis going north) Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 3 pm: 05 90 97 13 72/06 90 34 62 98
  • Sailing: CISMAG Nautical Base of Saint Louis from Tuesday to Saturday 9 am to 4 pm: 05 90 97 13 72/06 90 34 62 98
  • Cart rides with pulling oxen. Contact Ernest: ernest.melisse@wanadoo.fr


The Terre de Blues Festival :www.terredeblues.com which takes place every year in May on the island: an opportunity to rent our villa with swimming pool!


  • A good number of grocery stores and bakeries in different cities
  • Markets with local fruits and vegetables (in Grand Bourg, prefer the market of vegetables on the port with local producers)
  • Fish markets (you will also find fishermen selling their day fishing on the side of the road, do not hesitate!))
  • Honeydew La Belle Hôtesse at the exit of Saint Louis on the way north: an absolutely fabulous honey and its honey vinegar quite surprising to give a different note to your dishes! Only in the morning


The 3 distilleries of the island whose rum at 59° makes the specificity:

  • Rum from Father Labat to Grand Bourg (Distillerie Poisson)
  • Rum Bielle in Grand Bourg
  • Rum Bellevue in Capesterre